Instagram + EASTER BUNNY + Candy = YES PLEASE

Welcome to the 4th #instacandygram! ... and the last one until Halloween! Be someone's Easter Bunny and get a special surprise from your own lil bunny as well! Have fun and be creative!


Please read EVERYTHING before clicking the submit button.

Do NOT partake in this if you cannot follow through and in appropriate time.



Mar 12-14: Sign-up (DEADLINE 12pm PST on Mar 14)

Mar 15: You'll receive an email with who you got

Mar 22: Final day to mail out your package


no international this time. sorry!

No international, sorry!

This is in case your Easter Bunny wants to add some other goodies to your Easter basket!



A special THANK YOU to Traci Hines for donating a starfish hair clip!

You'll be emailed your raffle ticket number(s) and the winner will be chosen on March 22nd on my Instagram.

Money goes towards the cost of the prize and shipping. Any extra money will go towards my other creative projects.


  1. All the information provided, including address and IG handle, is correct.

  2. I acknowledge that by clicking “SUBMIT”, I am following through with shipping a package to my chosen recipient by the shipping deadline. 

  3. If I choose to back out, I will email the host by March 14th at 12pm PST.

  4. I will not share my recipient's personal information with anyone.

  5. If my recipient isn’t going to receive their gift by Easter, I will contact them directly to let them know the estimated delivery date.

  6. I will not hand deliver my package.

  7. I acknowledge that the host is not liable if I don’t receive a package, receive my package late, receive broken items, receive handmade goods/foods, receive something I didn't want or ask for, or receive something I'm allergic to.

  8. I will contact my Easter Bunny via email or Instagram and thank them for their gift upon receiving.

  9. I will check my email for updates from the host., especially on March 15th to view my recipient.

  10. I recognize that the host will not be the "messenger" between myself and my recipient if something goes wrong. I will reach out to them personally. 

  11. I will not participate if I did not send out my package in time, or not at all, for the Halloween, Christmas and/or Valentine's Day #instacandygram. I understand that the host can deny my submission.

  12. My gift will be at least $10 value before shipping & handling.

  13. I am responsible for the shipping cost and shipping out my package on time.

  14. I understand that the person I'm gifting is not the same person who is gifting me.

  15. I understand that if I contact the host, it could take up to 24 hours for a response.

  16. Failure to follow through will prevent me from joining future #instacandygrams.

  17. If any contact information changes, I will inform the host.

Thanks for submitting!