Due to COVID-19, some FAQs may not be useful right now



Q: What is a cake ball?

A: Cake and frosting mixed together and dipped in a candy coating (chocolate, white chocolate, or other flavors depending on flavor of cake ball.


Q: Do you make cake pops?

A: At this time, we only make cake balls without the stick.


Q: I want a flavor that isn't on your order form. Do you do other flavors?

A: Contact us and we'll see if it's a doable flavor. There may be an extra fee.


Q: Why can't I order multiple flavors in 1 dozen?

A: Cake balls are made fresh to order and take quite a bit of supplies for every flavor. There would be a lot of wasted product and it wouldn't feel right throwing away cake! (gasp)


Q: I'm having a wedding and want cake balls as wedding favors. Do you do that?

A: We certainly do! We can box as low as 1 cake ball per guest. Contact us for a quote.


Q: Can I buy Lil Rae Cakes at a shop?

A: We are not currently at any locations but are interested in finding some in the LA area! We previously sold at Sweet Harts in Sherman Oaks, The Oaks Gourmet in Franklin Village, and on The Sweets Truck.


Q: How long do cake balls stay fresh?

A: You can leave them out for a few days if it's not hot out and they'll be fine. You can also refrigerate or even put in the freezer if saving for a while.


Q: I need a last minute order in a couple days but I see you need 5 days notice. Is there anything you can do?

A: Contact us and we'll see if we're able to squeeze you in! There's always a chance!


Q: Do you do events?

A: Absolutely! If you'd like to have us sell cake balls at an event or if you'd like to order ahead of time and have us pass them out, we're down! Contact us with info.