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Q: What is a cake ball?

A: A baked cake and frosting mixed into a ball and dipped in a candy coating.

Q: What flavors do you have?

A: Flavors vary! I always have chocolate, red velvet and vanilla available and then throw in others as seasonal.

Q: Do you offer vegan, gluten free or sugar free?

A: As much as I understand people's dietary restrictions, I don't personally offer these options. If supplies are in stock, I'm occasionally able to do chocolate gluten free or chocolate sugar free. No vegan. Gluten free does cost more.

Q: Is there a minimum?

A: For regular orders, 4 dozen minimum and 2 dozen minimum per flavor. For my special pickup/delivery days, 1 dozen minimum.

Q: Do you offer delivery?


Put in 30740 Russell Ranch Rd,

Westlake Village, CA 91362

(Westlake Village Target)

and desired delivery address

0-4 miles: FREE

5-10 miles: $10

11-19 miles: $15

20-30 miles: $20

31-35 miles: $25

Live further? Contact me.

Q: Do you offer free pickup?

A: You can pick up your order for free (Westlake Village area) or order for one of my special pickup days at Pearson Park (Anaheim) and Johnny Carson Park (Burbank).

4th of July - Saturday, July 2

Halloween - Saturday, October 29

Christmas - Sunday, December 18

Q: Do you offer shipping?

A: I do at times. It just depends on the order and weather. Cake balls are shipped in a flat rate box with ice packs. Be aware

that it is costly for S&H.

Q: Do you do events?

A: I do! I've done many different events! I can also set up and pass out cake balls for an additional fee. 


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