Q: What is #instacandygram?

A: #instacandygram is a secret candy/gift exchange for people on Instagram

Q: How do I participate?

A: Fill out and submit the form on the website by the deadline, November 30th (12pm PST)

Q: Do I need to celebrate Christmas to participate?

A: No way! You can celebrate Hanukkah or you can just like this time of year.

Q: Am I required to give candy?

A: Halloween was all about candy. It IS called "#instacandygram" after all! You're not required to give candy this time around but it'd be nice to throw some in if they suggest it in their submission form.

Q: Can I choose who gets me or who I get?

A: Choosing is all up to the host

Q: How much do I have to spend?

A: $15 minimum before shipping and handling

Q: Who ships out my package?
A: You do

Q: How do I know what to get my recipient?

A: You'll be given information they've provided via email

Q: When will I know who I got?

A: You'll receive an email sometime on December 1st with all the information you need

Q: I don't like who I got. Can I get someone else?

A: Names cannot be changed around once chosen.

Q: Is my Secret Santa the same person I got?

A: No one is matched up. You are giving to someone and someone else is giving to you.

Q: Are you allowing people outside the United States to participate?

A: Definitely. You must be willing to ship international. 

Q: When do I have to ship out my gift by?

A: If your recipient is international, or checked that they celebrate Hanukkah, mail it out by December 7th at the latest. For all others, mail out by December 14th.

Q: Can I mail my package before the shipping deadline?
A: ABSOLUTELY! Anytime is great.

Q: I changed my contact information (IG handle, address, email, etc), what do I do?

A: Email the host at jennyrae@lilraecakes.com asap

Q: Do I have to contact my Secret Santa when I receive my package?

A: Absolutely. Please be courteous and thank them for your gift. You'll have their IG handle and email so contact them the best way you can.

Q: How will my recipient know that I was their Secret Santa?

A: Make sure to have your contact info in the package. Your IG handle is best, but if you don't allow messages from people due to a private account, please provide your email.

Q: How will I know if my recipient received their package?

A: They should reach out to you. If not, you are more than welcome to reach out to them personally once you know they should've received it. 


Q: Am I required to post on social media?

A: You're not required but it's fun to share what you got! For all posts, be sure to use the hashtag #instacandygram.

Q: What do you do with my personal information?

A: I don't share it with anyone besides your Secret Santa.

Q: What if I don't want to give my address?

A: Unfortunately, that's the only way you can receive a package. Please provide an address that you will be comfortable with. 

Q: I can't mail out my package by the deadline. What do I do?

A: Please contact your recipient directly and give them a heads up. The host is not the messenger. 

Q: I haven't received my package and it's well past the deadline. What do I do?

A: Contact the host at jennyrae@lilraecakes.com. She'll reach out 1 time to your Secret Santa. If they don't respond, the host is not liable for unreceived package.

Q: What happens if I don't ship out a package?

A: You will be banned from future #instacandygram's and will let down the person who should've received something from you.

Q: I don't feel safe shopping in stores right now. How do I purchase a gift?

A: You can buy online and ship directly to your recipient if you're more comfortable that way.

Q: Can I purchase my recipient a gift card?

A: While it's not a very thoughtful gift (unless they ask for it) and takes away from the creative idea, you can under certain circumstances. *Don't feel safe shopping, don't want it to arrive late, can't find what you're looking for

HAVE A QUESTION NOT LISTED HERE? Contact Jenny Rae at jennyrae@lilraecakes.com